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Tiffany Smith
but everyone just calls me tif


graphic designer
& printmaker


What can I do for you?

I’m available for remote freelance, part-time, per-project, or on retainer work right now! Download my resume, check out my previous work, and get in touch!

If you’d like to know more about my letterpress printing services and pricing, please email your inquiries using the contact form below and I’m happy to come up with a quote or send you a full pricing guide. 

My Process

We all want to be proud of what we make with our own two hands, and your business is something you’ve poured a lot of yourself into—both your time and your heart. Strategic branding and beautiful design is an important part of showing yourself to your customers, and I want to help you stand out in a purposeful way that expresses your values and your vision so that you can find your people out there!

Branding & Identity

Whether you’re just taking your first steps as a business and are ready to invest in an awesome identity to set  your best self in front of your target audience or whether you’ve been doing amazing work for a while and know it’s time for an update, it’s my passion to make sure you look stunning (and consistently so)!

All brand packages may include a logo mark, sub marks/illustrative elements, icons, patterns, color palettes, fonts, branding guidelines, stationery, and social media templates, etc. depending on your needs.

Regardless of the packaged pricing you choose, the brand package experience with me includes 3 logo options and 2 rounds of refinement. Additional edits needed to reach a final logo are at cost to the client ($100/edit).  

Pricing may vary based on what’s best for you!

Basic Brand Package

For creatives and business owners who are ready to get their brand going! This package includes everything you’ll need to roll out like a logo and a business card, color palette and fonts, so you’ll be impressing new clients and customers.

Investment: beginning at $1500
Timeline: 2-3 Weeks

Deluxe Brand Package

For businesses ready to invest in a cohesive brand strategy that tells your story to your target audience and elevates the experience new customers have with your business to attract even more positive attention and business!

Investment: beginning at $2250
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Print & Stationery

Have a sweet brand identity already but need an update to your stationery? Looking to go luxe with some letterpress? I’m here for you!

If you’d like to add letterpress printing services to your stationery as part of the identity package, I offer a 10% discount for branding package customers.

Basic Print Design

Don’t have the budget for letterpress? No problem! I’m more than happy to help you choose a printed format that fits your wallet and your design—there are so many fabulous local and online printing services out there! Chances are, I’ve used  a few of them at least once, so let’s collaborate on whatever you need, from business stationery to postcards to large banners and posters! 

I’ve even designed a vehicle wrap or two in my time, if that’s what you’re after!

Business Card Design: beginning at $200
Additional Stationery Pieces: Letterhead, envelopes, etc. begin at $150 

Timeline: 1-3 weeks

These pricing examples don’t include printing. Ask me about a custom quote for your print project!

Letterpress Print Design

With almost 2000 pounds of solid cast iron living in my garage in the form of beautiful, antique letterpress equipment, I love the process of thinking through layers of color, mixing ink, oiling machines, and printing each individual piece of stationery by hand. Whether you want a business card, a birth announcement, or a custom card, letterpress-printed pieces make a real impact on thick, luxurious, cotton paper. Want to add a bit more flair? Ask me about edge painting, too!

150 1-color, 1-sided business cards:  $250
150 2-color flat A6 notecards: beginning at $480

Timeline: 3-5 weeks

Pricing does not include design services, and if you want further details on paper size, thickness, number of ink colors, and edge painting, just ask!

Hire me for a day!

Aren’t sure you need a designer in-house or on retainer? No problem! How about for a day (or two)? Send me a prioritized list of what you’d love to see happen and I’ll power through as much as I can in 7 hours.

Some examples of what I could be doing for you for a day just to get you started:

  • Updating content you’ve needed done on your website forever (even adding a page or two!)
  • Cleaning up the overall look and feel of your website or adding a blog
  • Creating specific marketing collateral (postcards, posters, advertising, etc.)
  • Making some additional branded items (eg. business cards, letterheads, proposals, etc.)
  • Creating an event marketing campaign (eg. microsite, social media graphics, marketing & event collateral)
  • Creating social media or blog post graphics (creating templates or a determined number of individual posts)
  • Designing presentation slides or PDFs
  • Photo editing, retouching, or batch-processing

Starting at: $425 per day,
special discounts available for multiple days.

Additional Services & Retainer Options

Looking for something else? Have recurring design needs like annual reports, powerpoint presentations, PDF resources, social media marketing, or guides?

I’m here to make sure your needs are met, and I understand that varies for everyone throughout the year. Any of these services can be added to the packages above, booked separately, or added as a part of a retainer service.

Additional Services

Need something not listed above? No problem. Web design, product photography, photo editing, marketing collateral, book & magazine design, restaurant collateral, annual reports, wholesale guides, interactive PDFs, illustrations, icons, album artwork, and stickers—I could go on.

I’d love an opportunity to work on any and all of these things with you in order to make a beautiful and cohesive piece to reach your people.

Get your custom quote!

Retainer Services

Keep me penciled in every month! Do you have some creative overflow and need a friend with skills? Do you need social media updated on a weekly basis? Do you send email newsletters? Do you have predictable marketing campaigns? Do you just need a designer around on the regular but not enough to justify a full time position? 

Oh oh! Pick me! I gotchu, friend

Hourly Rate: beginning at $50/hr
Minimum Commitment: 10 hrs/mo

How do payments work?

I understand that choosing to work with a designer is a big investment, and I want to make sure that you find your experience and deliverables worthwhile. 

The cost of our project together will be split into 2-3 installments, with the first used as a non-refundable deposit that is due before the start of the project. 

The remainder of installments will be spread throughout the duration of the project as per our determined timeline.

What final files or resources can I expect?

You will get each of your brand designs in all available file formats (.eps, .png, .jpg, .svg, and so on). You’ll also get each design in all the final color combinations and any alternate versions, submarks, etc. Additionally, you’ll receive a file usage guide to help understand what all the formats are and when it’s best to use them.

For printed pieces, you’ll get original files, packaged designs with images, fonts, and print-ready PDFs depending on the specs required by the printing service of your choice.

Get in Touch!

Are you ready to make something awesome together? Just send an email my way and let’s book some time to talk about what you need.

I’m currently accepting new clients for freelance projects, part-time remote work, and retainer arrangments. The letterpress studio is also open and ready to print your work, whether you’ve designed it yourself or need my help!

I’m located in beautiful Richmond, Virginia. In the interest of my family and out of concern for the health of others during this Covid-19 pandemic, I’m best reachable by email and phone in order to set up either a video or in-person meeting, depending on the circumstance.