So how does the magic happen, anyway? It’s not all unicorns and rainbows and effortless awesome, but my process is still rather fun and exciting. Let’s discuss.

Once you contact me about your project, I’ll get in touch with you to answer any of your questions and clarify your objectives; I’ll also send along my questionnaire. While not all of the document will apply to your particular project, answering the questions that do will help me gather more information about your company and your needs.


I’m interested in your goals and objectives, excited by your personality and capabilities, and ready to enthusiastically reach your target audience. Once I have your answers to my questionnaire, I’ll do a bit of research and take a peek at what your competitors are doing … not so that I can copy them, of course, but so that you can look even more awesome. After spending some time discovering you, analyzing your needs, and outlining your project, I’ll be able to send you a proposal in writing along with my contract. Then, after you agree on the proposal, sign the contract, and pay your deposit, we’re ready to get started making something great.


Concept Development

This phase of my process is where ideas are visualized. I sketch, either on real paper with a real pencil or digitally with my Wacom Intuos tablet. I’ll work through your concepts and come up with a single thoughtful solution to your design problem, sending you a first draft that makes sense and is a great fit for you.

Why not multiple design solutions? Why not several choices? Because, ultimately, as a professional it’s my job to wade through the choices for you and come up with a well-designed solution. My educational background and personal commitment to careful craftsmanship are what you’re paying me for, and I’d like to honor that to the best of my abilities. If you trust me enough to hire my services, then it’s my job to make beautiful things out of that trust.


Once you receive the first draft, it’s not final anyway. Instead, we move on to the refinement phase. We may chat over the phone, through Google Hangouts, in person, or through email, discussing what you see in the draft and addressing any concerns or questions. I’m happy to iterate further on the idea through two refinement phases without additional cost to you. If we can’t find the final solution after those two phases, it may be time to reassess your needs and my direction. At this point, either we part ways or I continue to work at additional cost above the original estimate in order to compensate the extra time it takes to make something perfect fit just right into your needs and the needs of your audience. Hey, sometimes it happens, and that’s okay.


Final Production

When you’ve approved a final design, I’ll create the final files and deliver them to you, or we’ll launch a website, or I’ll get to work on my letterpress and print them for you by hand, one item at a time. If digital printing services or other services are needed, I’ll contact vendors for you and assemble quotes and/or manage whatever process you need for you at your request.

If you have a design project in mind, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to give you a quote.


Because every client’s needs are different and types of projects vary widely, I’ll need more details before quoting a price to you. Most projects are between $1,000 to $5,000. Logos for small businesses start at $1,500. For more information on letterpress printing services and pricing, please check out Stubborn Press & Company, my official website for all letterpress goodies I produce.


One-Concept Approach

Would you like more information on my thought process behind the one-concept approach? Are you worried that I’m lazy and just don’t want to do more work (instead of the opposite: that I’m obsessive about the details and refine until I get it right)? I believe in advocating for professionalism, and as a design professional, you’re not interested in hiring me if you don’t trust my skills and my experience. Here are some people who have inspired me to change my process from the multiple versions view to the one-concept approach:



Tiffany is a talented graphic artist and was a valuable asset to have on my team. She is a professional that you can count on and will be enjoy working with. As much as possible I don’t miss the opportunity to work with her. – Brad Blackburn, B2B Studios

Tiffany is amazing. I have known Tiffany for over a decade, and we have walked through many stages of life together and watched each other walk through many more stages “from afar.” Her artistic style is unmistakable, her talent and passion for her work are inspiring, and her excitement is contagious. To a more practical point, Tiffany is dependable and deadline oriented. She is a joy to work with on any project. – Kendra Skeene, Georgia Technology Authority

I’ve always been impressed with Tiffany’s willingness to help non-designers understand her process by quickly responding to informal training, feedback, and consultation. She has an excellent eye for web design, an impressive knowledge of tools for creating a dynamic web experience, and a very warm personality that makes her a joy to work with. – Schuan Wheeler, WorldStrides

Tiffany brings a cooperative outlook and a fun sense of humor to every project — as well as an artist’s spirit that encompasses everything from Manga to Origami! – Kip Smith, Blair Marketing