E-Suite Online

E-Suite online is an educational sub-brand of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. and seeks to help elevate the business operations of female entrepreneurs.

This brand was ready for a re-brand, breaking away from the parent company in order to reach a specific audience. The desire was to create a feminine, professional brand image that complimented the women-owned Kickstart Accounting brand while also creating a distinct new direction for educational materials about business and personal finances.

Giving the client a system to apply to their future educational materials, printable items, and course videos was an important part of the process. Having a system and templates in place for future expansions of this project will benefit the client in efficiency and visual consistency.

Honestly, coming up with the right color palette for this client was key, and it helped everything fall into place! Feminine but not overly so, the typography and color scheme gave E-Suite Online a compelling, professional look that everyone enjoyed.

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