What am I working on?

Currently, I’m enrolled in the Google UX Professional Certificate program through Coursera. I’m steadily making headway in Freecodecamp to gain more in-depth knowledge of CSS, JS, and JQuery; and I’m building a few experimental web projects for friends on Codepen.

Character Illustration

Letterpress Work

Code Experiments

The Chromatic Chronicle
Codepen | Live Site Here

A living history of a Discord Eberron D&D 5e server styled as an in-guild newspaper. This site pulls from a Google Sheets tabbed document using Vue and Sheety API to create a live-updated site.

See the Pen The Chromatic Chronicle: Issue 3 by tif smith (@tif_smith) on CodePen.

Thorns Uprising: Jcink Forum
Codepen | Live Site Still in Progress Here

An original gaslamp fantasy play-by-post forum roleplay with extensive lore, Thorns Uprising is in the process of moving from phpBB forums to Jcink forums. The new platform allows for completely customized CSS and the use of many convenient JS/JQuery scripts without the clumsiness of phpBB.